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The best for your health

Working together with our specialist therapists, you´ll be able to find  the best approach to recovering and maintaining your health. Our therapy is based on individual therapy programmes which are arranged as you require them. The following information provides you with an overview of our treatment options.

Our specialist areas

Sports Massage: get back into shape with us

Whether it's rehabilitation following illness or an operation, or recovery from an accident: we'll help you get back to your former self.

Get fit with us

Massage therapy: relaxation for your body

Massages are one of man's oldest healing methods and can assist in recovery from a wide variety of different illnesses.

Relax with us

Hot and Cold Massage Therapies

Hot and cold stone therapies are less invasive and can assist the recovery of chronic injuries.

Other services available in our practice:

  • Seated Massage
  • Onsite work place massage
  • Stretching and Maintenance Programs
  • Personal Training plans
  • Sports Coaching
  • Injury Management and training recovery schedules


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Please call us on 07986 951496 or contact us directly using our contact form.

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