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Prevention is better than cure

The subject of prevention and fitness is extremely important. Our professional instruction will provide you with a tailor-made strengthening and exercise programme based on your needs. In addition to targeting specific problem areas, this programme helps you achieve an all-round feeling of wellbeingand assist you to return back to sport.

The four golden rules for prevention and fitness.

Practice tip 1:


Always warm up:

  • Prepare your body for the activity by increasing the exercise to a point at which you can do the activity and continue to have a conversation;
  • Raise your activity level steadily over at least 5 minutes.

Practice tip 2:


Actively Stretch after a warm up:

  • Once your bidy is warm prepare for exercise
  • Actively stretch limbs to increase the range of movement
  • Stretch all major limbs

Active stretching routines are provided to all allevi8 customers to assist their recovery and prevent future injuries.

Practice tip 3:


Always cool down:

  • Cool down your body with 5 minutes of exercise at or below a level at which conversation can be held.


Practice tip 4 :


Perform maintenance and Developemental Stretches after exercise.

  • A series of static stretches to maintain or increase range of movement should be performed after exercise
  • Stretches can be emotionally calming as well as beneficial to posture and general well being

Maintenance and developemental stretch routines are provided to all allevi8 customers.  Advanced developemental stretches are used inconjuction with massage to improve posture, range of movement and reduce pain.

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